12 Feb 2018

Why the Dog Nail Grinder Is a Great Option for Dog Nail Care

If you have a dog that is scared of having his nails trimmed and at the same time scared of the trimmer, then you are still provided with one more option. You can make provision for nail care to the animal in question by using a dog nail grinder.

A dog grinder in similar in appearance to the renowned sandpaper grinder that is commonly found in woodworking shops. What it actually does is that it sands your dog’s nail until you have trimmed the nail to the proper size and shape. There are dog grinders you will come across that comes with varying speed selections, thus making it useful for various animals while there are dog nail grinders that are conventional, in the sense that they are the on or off types. Majority of these nail grinders can produce a level of noise and it is recommended that you have your dog accustomed to this noise and make sure that this tool is employed when your dog really needs it.

It is important you are aware of the fact that nail cate for fur baby does not necessarily have to be a painful experience for both of you. By employing the use of a dog nail grinder you are sure to take the pain and inconvenience with nail care, the nail care for the dog will become a rapid and safe procedure.

There is something that rose to prominence on the market that looks like a fresh gadget for dog owners but has truly been around for quite a while. It’s a nail grinder and it is an awesome invention. The nail grinder was initially employed in higher end dog salons as it was relatively costly to own for a business but nowadays, it’s quite common to have a grinder in every store and you can now get a home model at a percentage of the salon cost.

The grinder functions just as what’s obtainable with how it sounds. Rather than cut the dog’s nail and leave it splintered and with sharp edges, the grinder makes use of a high-powered motor with an emery board kind of surface and when putting the dog’s nail into a tiny hole, grinds the nail down as it spins thereby leaving a much shorter and nice smooth nail in its place. It’s quick, pain-free for the dog and much more efficient and effective in the long run.

You could even make use of that rotary tool you purchased but have not found a use for yet. There are specific rotary tools or grinders designed just for pet claws and nails. The difference is the ones made for pets possess a lower top speed, the majority are cordless and a lot comes with a guide that fits over the grinding wheel. If you’re trying to use a normal rotary tool DO NOT use it above 7,500 rpm as this will get the nail burnt. You will have to familiarise your pet with the grinder meaning that you won’t make use of this tool straight out of the box.

If you don’t know how to deal with your dog’s nails request from your veterinarian for a few instructions. Know more about the anatomy of the dog nail as trimming too close to the quick could lead to bleeding cum pain to your pal.