26 Dec 2017

How to Use the SERPStream Data to Your Advantage

Knowing your Google SERP is really crucial to the wellbeing of your website and, based on how much of your business is on the Internet, your financial viability. SERP provides you with search engine results positioning. In other words, how does this impact on the process of creating a better website? How do you rank in comparison with the other websites? You can only have a benchmark of success by knowing where you rank among the other websites. So how do you connect the dots with the help of the SERPStream data to boost your site? You can begin to take advantage of the following information:

Where you rank

There are numerous web pages out there, and if you don’t know where your rank is among the millions and millions of sites, then you won’t likely increase your traffic and, subsequently, your business. As much as ranking is very important, however, it also helps to determine where your rank is within the results of another sector. Once you are aware of where the excellence benchmark is, you could start to shoot for it. In the world of direct mail advertising, this is called “beating the control”. Direct mail has been testing many results against one other for a lot of years, but the data hasn’t been spontaneous as what’s obtainable with the SERP tool.

Avoid complexities in SEO

Before you start, make sure that you’re going to understand SEO in its simplest form. Don’t pressure yourself with all the various SEO tactics available out there. Instead, focus on your goal and ask yourself why you are doing this in the first place. Only then you can better understand the importance of SERP and how to utilize the rank tracker properly.

Think about your customers. When they type in a keyword to the search engine, they will expect that Google will be able to provide precise answers in just a matter of seconds. Now, just think about a situation wherein Google tends to serve up to ten links that are not relevant to your business, you’ll be most likely to fall behind the ranks. Keep it simple and think of yourself as the prospect.

Understand the questions of your customers

When it comes to SERP, you need to understand your customers better otherwise you will fail to serve them what they are looking for. Dare to solve a problem they are all searching for an answer. Understanding your clients and prospect’s needs is the first step towards success. By then you can start translating it into products and services that they would most likely love once they have a glimpse of it.

Publish useful and quality contents

Your customer will most likely revisit your website if you can publish quality and beneficial content. It can be a short video, infographics, articles, and guidelines. Now that you know what your customer is looking for, you will also determine their needs and what they expect to read on your website.

Make sure that you set an objective in every piece that you are going to write and ask yourself if you can achieve it by typing it down. As what we’ve mentioned above, dare to solve problems. Answer their most common questions and provide the information they’ve never seen from other websites before.

Pay attention to promoting

When it comes to business, the rule of the thumb is to create less and promote more. Hence, you should only spend about 20% of your time in creating new content, and the rest should be spent in promoting it to your potential customer. Expand your networks and reach out to people that can contribute to the success of your business. However, make sure that you do not overdo it otherwise you’ll face the penalty from Google.

If your viewers are pleased with your content, provide an option that makes it easy for them to share it with their own accounts. Posting contents on your medial social channels also require commitment; it should be consistent.

Keep these tips in mind and rest assured that you’ll be able to make the most out of your SERPStream. A higher rank in search engines means good business. Hence, make sure that you focus on it if you want to drive heavy traffic to your website, open a dialogue with your customers, and hopefully, convert it into sales.