13 Dec 2017

Carpet Cleaning Tips to Make Your Carpets Last Long

Finding the time to take care of your carpet on a consistent basis will help to prevent any embarrassing carpet odors from emanating or any unsightly carpet stains. For someone that completely dreads the smell and look of dirty carpets, you have no cause to worry, there are basic top 10 carpet cleaning tips you can do on your own at home so as to keep your carpet unsoiled, free of stains, and smelling good today.

To keep your carpets spotless, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, just follow these normal tips:

Vacuum your carpet on a regular basis

In a bid to keep your carpet clean, without stains, and smelling nice, you should vacuum it on a consistent basis. If left unclean, hair, dirt, and other grime can build up in your carpet thereby possibly resulting in further damage to it. Carpets that are dirty can be a health issue for individuals with allergies, therefore keeping it clean at every time will safeguard your whole family.

Instantly wipe clean all spills on the carpet

Cleaning and wiping all spills on your carpet immediately after it happens will prolong your carpet life and will definitely keep it stain free and clean. So as to do away with hard to remove stains from the carpet or smelly odors, clean spills as soon as possible.

Remove the Furniture before Doing Vacuum

Another one is that you need to remove and lift all the furniture that you have before you vacuum your carpet. In this way, you can get rid all of the dust and dirt that are accumulating in these hidden areas which you do not properly clean by just passing through with these areas. If ever that the furniture is extremely heavy for you to move, you can also place plastic films and wooden blocks under the furniture’s legs so that you can prevent it from having rust and stains whenever the carpet is still damp.

Do Your Vacuum in the Appropriate Speed

Also, you must know that vacuuming your carpet should not be done in a great speed as if you are in a rush. You must always remember that you have to do it in a careful and meticulous manner. You can vacuum your carpet with two steady passes so that you can eliminate the dust and dirt more efficient as compared to doing several rapid passes.

Consider Cleaning With Water First

The first thing comes in handy when cleaning you carpet with stains is the water. You should know that it has been proven that simple stains in your carpet can diminish eighty percent by just using tap water. You only need to use and wet a clean cloth and gently dab or press it in the area where there is stain, then repeat it until the stain is completely absorbed by the cloth. After this, you can now let it dry by either using a fan or by the room temperature.

Use Club or Vinegar Soda for Tough Stains

But if your carpet has tough stains, you can opt to use club or vinegar soda that is mixed with water instead of just using plain water. With this, you can be assured that you can get rid this tough and toilsome stains with just the use of natural solution which is better than chemical based cleaning solutions that can usually fade the carpet’s color.

Never Scrub or Rub the Carpet
You must always remember that whenever you clean your carpet with towels and cloths, you should never scrub or rub it just to remove the stain because it will surely damage the carpet’s fibers as well as creating a wooly texture in it. It is better to dab or blot the cloth in it to avoid your carpet from having this.

Never Over Wet Your Carpet

To add in this list, you should also make sure to never over wet your carpet since that it might not only lead to mildew and mold build – up but also the growth of bacteria can also occur. It is because this kind of conditions is where most of the bacteria occur.

Use Vacuum with Clean Filter

And also, you have to make sure that before you use your vacuum in cleaning your carpet, the vacuum’s filter should be clean and empty since that a dirty and full filter can greatly affect the efficiency and capability of the suction power of the vacuum.

Scoop Solid Spills of Food

If you spill solid foods in your carpet, you can also scoop it with the use of spoon or blunt knife to cautiously remove it from the carpet. After this, you can now clean the left stains by following the cleaning tips above.