26 Dec 2017

An Overview of the Best Water Softener Systems

When you buy one for your home and it’s installed for household or domestic purpose, the water softener system is located at the major entrance of the house plumbing system.

All the water entering the house is already treated via this manner of installation.

There are two major types of water softener systems namely electric single tank softener and hydraulic twin tank softener.

For the electric single tank softener type, besides being expensive, it’s a system with a few setbacks. Soft water supply might run out since the system makes use of a single tank.

For the other softener type, The hydraulic twin tank softener, it ensures that there’s a constant supply of soft water for the household. The two tanks carry out the regeneration and softening processes alternatively. This way, there would be no shortage of running out of soft water supply.

Salt containers have to be refilled on a regular basis. The majority of the softeners don’t have salt level indicator; it’s a very good decision to check salt level periodically to prevent contamination of water tanks. The softeners function continuously even without salt and that could lead to tank contamination.

Salt-based water softener systems are not wholly effective and efficient. Only 75 percent of the magnesium and calcium water content is removed. The salt-based softener also emits a large amount of lime brine into the environment too.