This website is dedicated to sharing information about the vast biblical information found at Nag Hammadi close to 80 years ago. This website doesn’t advocate a Gnostic point of view. On the contrary, it highlights the Gnostic literature, as well as Gnostic scriptures, from a purely archaeological and historical perspective. As the old saying goes, “We won’t figure out where we’re headed if we don’t have a clear idea of where we’ve been.”

You have to understand that the Bible, as we see it now, is actually a product of a lot of editorial conflicts, as well as historical development. To rob it of its historical context would be to do a big disservice to the countless number of Christians from ages past who have sacrificed their lives both as martyrs and as workers of the faith in service of the scripture. It is our hope, that by becoming fully aware of all the opposing Gnostic views against the Scriptures, that people would have a clear understanding and appreciation of the beauty and riches it truly brings to the table.

Along these lines, we encourage people visiting this website for the first time or repeat visitors to share references. If you have ever come across any kind of resource involving Nag Hammadi scrolls or Nag Hammadi texts in whatever form, please reach out to us, so we can share these references. We truly believe that information grows in value the more it is shared.

Moreover, if you have familiarity, are familiar with, or have access to any kind of resource and involving ancient religious texts that are not necessarily traced to Nag Hammadi, please let us know. We’d love to share those resources. Again, we believe that the more information is shared, the more it grows in value.

We have gone out of our way to make sure that this website reaches people from all over the world, who are interested in Christianity in whatever shape way or form. This is why we are dedicated to turning this into a depository of anything related to the ancient Bible.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster an honest, clear and transparent exchange of information for people around the world who are interested in the development, the Genesis, as well as the internal debate that marked the development of the Christian Bible.

It is a living document, in the sense that its present form highlights the competing agendas and directives of previous faith communities. It is our hope that people visiting this website will grow richer in their understanding of scriptures, as well as their personal faith in the truth contained in the Christian Bible.

Share your love for the Bible

Love that is not challenged, contested, or called into question tends to suffer. It might not even be love at all. In the same way, you might just be appreciative of the Bible because your parents were Christians. You might think that you have belief, but it may turn out that you don’t believe much of anything at all.

If anything, whatever debates that we uncover regarding the Christian Bible in this website highlights the opportunity that every single person, who claims to be a follower of Christ, accepts him directly and personally on an individual level, remains a Christian. This is because it makes sense to you based on your experiences now. Don’t become a Christian because your parents were Christian so you’re doing it out of some family obligation or tradition.

There is a big difference between actual belief and belief in belief. This website is all about belief. We understand that belief can only be sustained if it is rooted in fact, specific context and flows from a specific set of circumstances that can foster a genuine experience.

Accordingly, we encourage everybody reading this material to share their love about the Bible, or share their opinions and comments on Bible bibliography. Feel free to participate in the Q&A sections of this website, as well as our message boards. Regardless of where you come from in all four corners of the globe, we strongly encourage you to raise your voice and be heard.

Furthermore, be on the lookout for the expert interviews that we feature here. These are anthropologists and Bible scholars from all over the world sharing their latest and greatest findings involving Nag Hammadi and other biblical texts. Come and join the discussion. You’d be glad you did.