26 Dec 2017

A Look at the Benefits of Squishies to Adults

Soft toys cannot be labeled with any particular age-group. This is due to the fact that regardless of the year a kid was born in, they just cannot fight back their emotions as far as stuffed toys are concerned. Really popular among all, Windsor Smith’s home collection squishies provide the feeling of protection and the much-needed warmth to kids. Little angels can talk to them, cuddle them, hold them and hence, are really fond of them. These snuggies often turn to their ‘best’ friends and get the kids through their tough times.

Parents love this kind of toys too as they know that even if their children will play with these toys extensively, they won’t be harmed in any way. However, besides understanding stuffies as playthings, parents normally don’t give a thought about the other advantages associated with them.

Stuffed toys are in all sizes & shapes and indeed, help the kids in recognizing various species such as bear, dog, pig, cat, and bear – along with the sound every one of them makes. Durability and protection are the topmost things to have at the back of one’s mind while opting for such toys for your toddlers. Definitely, you would not want them to tear these stuffed toys apart in just one day.

Who does not have an anti-stress toy in their home or office? Surely on more than one occasion, we have used it when the tension around us is so high that we want to relax. These toys, despite what many think, can be of great help to us when looking for an immediate relaxation to situations that can alter us. For this reason on this occasion, we want to note the benefits that this type of squishy toy offers us.

For the most absent-minded, a soft squishy toy is a piece of semi-soft foam that usually has different shapes such as dice, hearts, clouds, animals, and that fits in the palm of the hand so that we squeeze it between our fingers. This simple invention seeks to relieve tensions and let stress escape through the hands . Although it may seem silly, it may have more effect than we think, and that is why we want to make amends on this subject.

When we go through a stressful situation our body usually generates adrenaline to keep us alert and ready to act at any time. For this reason, it is necessary that we burn part of this adrenaline. At work it is difficult to do so because we are sitting, so exercise with our hands imprisoning this toy will be a great help, as it will force us to work and force the muscles of the hand and forearm, eliminating part of the adrenaline accumulated and improving our mood.

In addition to relieving tension, playing with the squishy toy will make us work and strengthen the muscles until reaching a certain level of fatigue. It is just this feeling of fatigue that will move our attention and concentration in the hand in which we are holding the toy, which will lead us to have our mind occupied in other things, to disconnect and not to think for a while about the problems and negative sensations that are causing us stress.

But not only this but also to work the muscles we will be strengthening the exercise in each moment, as well as fatigue when a certain period of time passes this movement with the anti-stress toy. This feeling of tiredness will make us pay attention and focus concentration on the hand in which we are holding the toy, which will lead us to evade and for a moment leave aside the thought or situation that is giving us that stress.

Although with time of use you manipulate and play with your anti-stress squishy toy automatically, your brain will be very aware of the activity you are doing, so it will take care of those problems or issues that are worrying and stressing, to overturn them. Although many do not work, since the problem is still greater than this simple exercise, crushing an anti-stress squishy toy with your hands will help us to lose part of the tension and recover for at least a few seconds. A bit of a situation that alters us. From now on we should all get one to start practicing and playing with a squishy toy